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Re: Fedora Core 3 Update: mkinitrd-

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Dave Jones wrote:

This update should fix the issue a number of people saw
after the recent kernel update where various modules would
fail to load during boot, making systems unbootable.

After updating this package, remove, and reinstall the
recent kernel update, and the initrd will be recreated

For those of us who recognized the dangers of the new kernel and never installed it, what is the recommended course of action? Will a simple "up2date" that installs the new mkinitrd and the new kernel simultaneously work? I'm guessing I should up2date the mkinitrd in one pass, then up2date the kernel in a second pass? Some confirmation would be nice.

* Thu Jul 28 2005 Peter Jones <pjones redhat com> -
- Make nash check pids returned from wait*() (#145660)

I would like to know exactly what bug was fixed here, and am assuming that 145660 is a bugzilla number. But I'm "not authorized to access" that bug:

Since when are bug reports so secretive? I can understand making them restricted in the case of embargoed security fixes, but that does not apply here (or in the several other cases I've seen of unreadable bugzilla entries.

Rather than forming a fedora-bugs triage team, how about just letting people see what bugs already exist, so we can avoid future dupes?

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