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Re: Constructive critisism; room for improvement:

On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 12:00 +0200, Andy Pieters wrote:
> HI all
> I am a huge fan of Linux and Fedora in particular.  I just bought another low 
> budget pc with windows xp on so I could test how my software (php/xml) looks 
> on internet explorer.  Again it filled me with joy that I switched to Linux 
> almost a year ago, for that windows box BSODed on me within the first fifteen 
> minutes! (actually while trying to uninstall AOL) (BSOD=Blue Screen of Death 
> = Kernel Error)

No-one on this list won't know what a BSOD is.

> Still, one thing that windows handles well are bad cd's.  When a cd fails, the 
> whole os doesn't come crashing down.  I was just ripping the cd Europe 
> 1982-1992 on my Linux box and listening to my collection with amaroK.  
> Suddenly the system got in an endless loop.  The 5 seconds of music in the 
> play buffer were repeated over and over again.  I ejected the cd but that 
> didn't save the system.  I tried also to ssh in but that wasn't possible 
> either.  It didn't respond to pusing the poweroff button and the only 
> solution was forced power off.
> With kind regards
> Andy

I've never heard of this cd. Is it new? Is it copy protected?
>From a terminal windows, run this while ripping the cd:
 tail -f /var/log/messages

See any errors?

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