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Re: kmail- cannot start process pop3

Am Sa, den 30.07.2005 schrieb neidorff um 18:05:

> I read my mail on the same computer that the mail server runs on. 
> When I start kmail, it posts an error dialog:  "Cannot start process
> pop3" and then does not bring in my mail.  I used netstat to verify
> that tcpserver (from qmailrocks) is listening on port 110. I can
> "telnet localhost 110", log in and list my mail, so I know that the
> pop server is alive and working (plus other users can get their mail).
>  I ruled out my firewall (turned it off, briefly and got the same
> error message.  I also ruled out hosts.deny and hosts.allow, since
> they are empty.

> Mark

google has a handful hits on this error message, but nothing really
helpful. I would recommend to run "strace -o /tmp/kmailstrace.log kmail"
until the error occurs. Then have a close look at the log file created
by strace. Near the end there should be something hinting logged.


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