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Re: Orinoco Gold 8470-WD on FC4

Glenn Meyer wrote:
Maybe, while we're at it, I should ask another question....

What kind of cards are you (as Fedora users) using that work well with Kismet? Perhaps my purchase of the Orinoco was misguided? I really like the external antenna option, but are there others that play better with Fedora and Kismet?

Thanks for your comments and direction!

Steven Stern wrote:

Glenn Meyer wrote:


Can someone please help with how to set up this wireless card on FC4? I would like to run Kismet. I've read and gathered that this is the most desirable card (in many opinions - I'm sure not all), but it also looks to be one of the most difficult to set up. All of the instructions I've found are for an older card with the Hermes chips. I believe mine has the Atheros (from the model number).

Any help sure would be appreciated.  Thank you.

To get an Atheros chipset card working, compile yourself a copy of MadWiFi.


I'm not exactly sure what kismet is/does. I have a D-Link DLW510G that worked just fine with Windows but was a pain to get going with Fedora. I was on my way to MicroCenter to pick up something else when I ran across a reference to madwifi.

I do have an external antennna (a Hawking model) because the reception varied too much depending on factors I couldn't quite pin down.



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