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Re ALSA + Volume Control + tvtime ?


I have just clean installed Fedora Core 4 and I am having a problem with
squawks and hisses from my speakers. I am using Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI
and an ATI TV Wonder tuner. The ALSA sound driver, bttv, the volume
control mixer and tvtime where recently installed as a clean install of

The noises where present but barely noticeable under FC3.  I am also
using Windows XP on another hard-drive and have no problems with either
my TV reception or my sound.  For comparison purposes my Window's mixer
has the following settings:

Windows XP
Vol Control:  40%
Wave: 40%
SW Synth: 95%
Line-in: Mute
CD Audio: 50%

If I turn off the Line-In on my FC4 volume mixer I get rid of the noise
but I also lose the sound for my TV tuner (tvtime).  The default sound
channel for tvtime is 'line'.  I have tried changing that to 'pcm' in
tvtime.xml to no avail. tvtime gives me the choice of line as: vol,
bass, treble, synth, pcm, speaker, line, mic, cd, mix, pcm2,rec, igain,
ogain, line1, line2, line3, dig1, dig2, dig3, phin, phout, video, radio,

<option name="MixerDevice" value="/dev/mixer:pcm"/>

I am relatively new to sound and media configuration, so I am pretty
sure that I have picked the wrong device or channel name.

Any and all help straightening this out will be gratefully received.

By the way, but not the main issue, I am getting vertical interference
lines on my TV picture about 1" apart. What are they?

Regards Bill

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