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FC3 on a VirtualPC needs PPTP support...

I installed Fedora Core in a VirtualPC box on an XP-Pro with 1 gig
It has been done because I need both Windows and Linux development
environments basically at the same time.
But to get at the sources from the Linux box I also need CVS access to
the corporate server and this can only happen if I am inside the local
LAN via a VPN tunnel. CVS is not channeled through the firewall.
The VPN tunnel is served by a Windows2000 server with RRAS and it
implements the PPTP protocol.

So my best guess is that I should install PPTP support into FC3 and
then go from there. I found this link in previous posts:
Here one of the early steps is to get a new kernel:

However, in order to make FC3 run at all inside a Virtual PC box I had
to install a kernel update already. Instructions were given here:

and in step #43 one does this:
rpm -i --force kernel-2.6.9-vpc.i686.rpm

which I believe will install a new kernel (correct me if I am wrong).

What I am worried about now is if the PPTP install procedure will
invalidate the VirtualPC kernel stuff so that I won't be able to use
FC3 in VPC anymore...
And I don't like to start over like I have had to do several times
already just to get Linux going inside the VPC shell. So I am trying
to avoid a self-destruct here.

Anyone any ideas?
And please forgive if the questions sound dumb, I am not used to Linux
at all being a mainly Windows programmer...

Bo Berglund

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