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Re: Installing HP 4255 Printer

david walcroft:

>> Yes you need to install HPLIP,do not install HPOJ it conflicts with
>> HPLIP,use the http://localhost:631/printers to config CUPS - NOT
>> system-config-printers.Then  you can use 'hp-check' and others.
>> I do not know how to disable Selinux for a single  file.

The security level configuration GUI gives you options for disabling
SELinux interaction with specific services.  There's probably one there
for CUPS.

Dotan Cohen:

> OT question: how does that localhost:631 work when httpd is shut down?
> Could I access, say, when I am away?

CUPS has its own HTTPD server running on port 631, it doesn't use

You'll need to change the CUPS configuration, though, to allow anything
other than access.

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