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Re: Cyrus madness (FC3)

Am Do, den 01.09.2005 schrieb Daniel Vogel um 1:58:

Please do not hijack foreign maillist threads. And please do not send
HTML formatted list mails, especially if your mail client sends HTML
only and no plain text part too.


> After finishing my work on a server, some changes were made and i just
> cannot connect to my email through squirrelmail, IMAP error.

For giving valuable help it would be good if you provide the real,
verbose error messages.

> I checked some things and decided to re install cyrus, but i think im
> missing 2 things:
> Certificate and database wich i cannot find out how to set them up.

The example certificate is build by Cyrus-IMAPd package install and the
databases initialize during installation too.

> It's weird to install it from scratch and cannot make them work.

You do not use the rpms?

> ...i feel noober each time, but...can someone tell me what to do? when
> i restart cyrus-imapd daemon, it fails when the database is getting
> prepared.

Provide log entries and error messages.

> Daniel Vogel 


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