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Re: Login screen not showing up

Michael Lai wrote:

gb spam wrote:

Not sure what I have done but I installed Fedora 4 several weeks ago and
everything was fine. However, a couple of weeks ago I suddenly can't
see my login screen anymore. I can see my system booting up and I can
see the show/hide details screen and then I get a blank screen when all
the services are started. I don't know where to begin to analyze this
problem. Right now, I am relying on ssh to remotely login to my
server. Thanks for any possible help.

sounds like your X config could be borked, try running system-config-display and then restart your X server

Does system-config-display work through a ssh session? I just tried it
but nothing happens and I had to do a Ctrl-C to kill it.

it should do.  do you have an X server running where your ssh'ing
from?  maybe you need ssh -X or ssh -Y to ensure X will be tunneled?

Actually, I am using putty from Windows XP.

And no, I don't have cygwin.

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