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RE: FC4 Ready for primt time?

OK so I'm seeing that the focus of FC is different then lets say Redhat
prior to the commercial days such as 7.x, 8.x etc.
I have run production stuff under FC2 & FC3 and possibly made a mistake to
jump over to FC4.

Do I have any "production" options in respect to Redhat that are open
source, or simply stick to something like FC3 and stay back a bit when the
new versions come out?



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Am Montag, den 29.08.2005, 15:51 -0400 schrieb Joey:
> I want to upgrade our servers and impliment new servers under FC4, 
> however if it's not ready for prime time, I will have to continue with
> Can anyone elaborate?

OK, no answer until now. I suppose your question is too unspecific.

FC4 is ready for prime time, in the sense Fedora can. May be you should read
the project goals on the web site again. It is meant to to be bleeding edge.
The other side of this coin: there is a higher chance for troublesome side

Nevertheless, you should start to look for the cause of your trouble in your
specific settings, not in a general attribute of FC4. Try to describe what
you did and what problems arise.

On the other hand: If you have to set up a production server, you should
consider to use another distro or RHEL enterprise of one of its compatibles
(esp. CentOS or x/os)


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