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Re: evolution

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 09:19 -0700, oldman wrote:
> brouwers roland lx wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
> >
> > Like everybody, I receive emails with docs in attachment.
> > When I click on them, they do not open.
> > How can I tell evolution to open with swrite?
>     IIRC you have 2 options on attachments save to disk and open.  If 
> open does not work it is because there is no mime type default for the 
> file (it may be a foreign type or maybe it had no extension?)
>     If the file has an extension - save the file to disk, and then open 
> it using the right-click, select properties, select the open-with tab.  
> Select the program you want to open the file with.
> This type of file will now always be opened with the program you 
> specified whether in Nautilus or evolution
> If the attachment has no extension, Linux may not be able to figure out 
> a mime-type and may not be able to assign a default program.  May be you 
> could contact the person sending you these and ask that they use Open 
> Office? or some other standard types.
> Good Luck
> Scott
I experienced the following:
If you remove the standard installation of OOo in the package p.e.
K12LTSP there is no way to arrange this problem, even with your
If you reinstall the old version of OOo, i.e. 1.1.3 and leave the
installation of 1.9, everything works well, but you will get in
Nautilius as in evolution a proposition for both. Of course you can
impose your preferred one in nautilius.

Problem stays:
In the menu you will get both versions.

In other words, how do you remove lines from the menu?

Thanks for your help!

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