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Re: chown

Liloulinx wrote:
Kenneth Porter wrote:

--On Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:41 AM +0200 Liloulinx <alilou_linux yahoo fr> wrote:

Evry time when I create a directory, automaticaly the system make the
root as the owner of this directory. When I (the user or the root) try to
change its owner (by using the chown commande), the answer of the system
is "not allowed Operation".
Where is the problem? is there a bad parameter...

What filesystem are you doing this on? For some kinds of filesystem, the whole filesystem is owned by the user configured at mount time.

it's a VFAT system.
Yes it's true in /home/my_directory I can create a directory and I'm the owner, but when I move it to the other partition, it became automatically the property of root (the owner)!! Is there solution to this???

The only things that affect ownership of files in a VFAT partition are the options you use at mount time. VFAT has no concept of file ownership, so it is emulated by the kernel. All files on the partition will have the same owner. See "mount options for fat" in "man mount".


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