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Re: dvips options

--- "Michael A. Peters" <mpeters mac com> wrote:

> To go from latex to pdf I use dvips and the adobe
> online encoding.
> I can't use pdflatex or PDFTex because my documents
> use gnuplot
> generated tex files that contain postscript (this
> allows me to have
> LaTeX render the text part of the graphs, and makes
> it easier to adjust
> the axis labeling, which on 3D plots sometimes
> conflict with the axis
> and need to be moved, depending upon the view
> perspective).
> I go from ps to pdf via Adobe online encoding
> because sometimes
> ghostscript (ps2pdf) messes up, and you often can't
> tell until you have
> printed it - but sometimes its really obvious (like
> putting letters on
> top of each other). Distiller (online encoding) gets
> it right.
> I have a prosper class latex document (PDF slide
> show). It needs to be
> A4 landscape.
> It also must be done dvi -> pd -> pdf because
> prosper uses pstricks
> When I use dvips -Ppdf
> I get a landscape but it is letter, right side of
> slides chopped.
> If I use dvips -Ppdf -t a4
> It does get done a4 by online - but portrait, so I
> have to rotate it to
> properly view it.
> If I use dvips -Ppdf -t a4 -t landscape
> I still get portrait A4
> -=-
> Does anyone know either
> a) A proper option sequence to give to dvips to get
> A4 landscape out of
> Adobe online encoding
> b) A proper way to modify the output of dvips (the
> postscript file) to
> make sure it really is landscape a4

Get GSView and use Ghostscript to make the changes.
dvips -P pdf -t A4 filename.dvi filename.ps

> c) A way to modify an existing PDF file so that it
> is landscape by
> default

Use GSView, the rpm from
and this should fix it.  

Hope it helps.  KGhostview, does not have the options
that GSView has.  Those options should be there and I
hope that it works for you.

Best Regards,

> Either one of those (a would obviously be best)
> would solve my problem.
> Thanks for suggestions.
> -- 
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