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Re: dvips options

On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 00:42 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > To go from latex to pdf I use dvips and the adobe online encoding.
> > I can't use pdflatex or PDFTex because my documents use gnuplot
> > generated tex files that contain postscript (this allows me to have
> > LaTeX render the text part of the graphs, and makes it easier to adjust
> > the axis labeling, which on 3D plots sometimes conflict with the axis
> > and need to be moved, depending upon the view perspective).
> You'd be much better off asking on comp.text.tex .

The solution always given at those types of places is to use a pdf image
instead of a ps image.
There is reason though to use ps instead of pdf - most notable that you
want the fonts etc. to change with your style (IE if I use a gnuplot
generated .tex inside prosper, the font color adjusts with the prosper
style and it looks really good)

until gnuplot spits out a .tex that does the same thing with pdf, going
to ps is the only option.

It also should be noted that dia produces diagrams for latex using
pstricks - which also requires going through postscript first.

pdflatex and PDFtex need to understand postscript before they are an
option for me in going from LaTeX to PDF.

According to dad - the postscript file I sent him was both A4 and
landscape right from distiller in Acrobat Pro - so my issue seems to not
be the postscript file, but the crapiness of Adobe Online Encoding.
Seems to only be good for portrait orientation (letter or A4) or
landscape for US letter only. Seems rather dumb they would do that
but :shrug:

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