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weired keycodes in xorg-x11 of fedora core 4


I found xorg-x11 server reports wrong keycodes in Fedora core 4 on:

kernel:	2.6.12-1.1447_FC4
glib: glib-1.2.10-16
glib2: glib2-2.6.4-1

xorg-x11: 6.8.2-37.FC4.45
iiimf-x: 12.2-4.fc4.2

And, keyboard configurations of my 'xorg.conf' are:

Driver      "kbd"
Option	    "XkbModel" "pc105"
Option	    "XkbLayout" "us"

My system setting is:

XMODIFIERS= im=iiimx

While key pressed, X server reports wrong key codes of following keys:

key symbols	gdkkeysyms.h	actual
--------------		-----------	-----------------
GDK_KP_Home	0xFF95		0xffb7, KP_7
GDK_KP_Left	0xFF96		0xffb4, KP_4
GDK_KP_Up	0xFF97		0xffb8, KP_8
GDK_KP_Right	0xFF98		0xffb6, KP_6
GDK_KP_Down	0xFF99		0xffb2, KP_2
GDK_KP_Prior	0xFF9A		0xffb9, KP_9
GDK_KP_Next	0xFF9B		0xffb3, KP_3
GDK_KP_End	0xFF9C		0xffb1, KP_1
GDK_KP_Begin	0xFF9D		0xffb5, KP_5
GDK_KP_Insert	0xFF9E		0xffb0, KP_0
GDK_KP_Delete	0xFF9F		0xffae, KP_Decimal
GDK_Print	0xFF61		0xff20, Multi_key

These weird behaviors are observed all xlib, gtk2 and gtk programs.
It seems not related with specific locale or language module because it
is still occurred when I set system locale to en_US. How can I solve
this problem?


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