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OK, I have a strange one for you - grub

I need some help with an obscure problem that I think grub can solve.

I have a motherboard that has replaced an old ECS board that blew its
caps. It's an FIC motherboard which refuses to boot off the main IDE
hard disk when the Promise raid system that the machine should have is
installed. We desperately need to get data off the Promise card.

So the kicker is I must chain load to the /dev/hd0 boot from a floppy
to overcome the BIOS's attempt to boot from the RAID array. (It was
present solely to store audio files.)

I can create a floppy with stage1 and stage2 per the documentation.
But I am creating it NOT on the system that I must boot. So what I
need to know is what next steps are necessary to create a floppy
which will chain on over to boot off the MBR of /dev/hd0. There
seems to be missing steps in the grub documentation in this regard.

Is this even possible?

And if not, is it possible with lilo instead?

{^_^}   Joanne

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