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Re: Installation problem on Fedora Core2

babadino khan wrote:

Have To install fedora core2 on some different systems of intel some are P3 and some are p4 so the problems i am having are getting errors they are two , one is installation terminate abnormaly and the other is not enough disc space i solved the second problem by giving ide=nodma parameter but how can i give other parameters should i use coma like this ide=nodma,apm=off,acpi=off,nopcmcia,nofirewire
So how should i give this options and what are the usage of them i will be very obliged by your help. I tried by giving option ide=nodma but after transferring install image on hard disc the installation terminates abnormally , i need help badly Thanks

I give options seperated by a spacebar entry. Try "ide=nodma nofirewire nopcmcia " (w/o quotes)
apci=off should work also when entered on the line and seperated by a space.

Adding the options on the line works by allowing the kernel to take action on options that are kernel specific. Options that are no kernel specific are ignored. If the installer knos what to do with these options, it does so. The options are seperated by a space as far as I experienced.


I'd love to help you -- it's just that the Boss won't let me near the computer.

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