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OT - Browsers, Linux and cybersleuths.

I debated posting this but my anti-IE side won the battle.

For those that "don't read slashdot (/.)."
Alternative Browsers Impede Investigations

Basically, some law enforcement officials don't like the trend to move to anything but IE as they "don't" know where and how to look through the history data.

The one comment on /. that I liked is.

 I love it. Think of the advertising potential.

Male voiceover

"Microsoft, used by 100% of all sex offenders. Its not only the law, it their punishment."

Oh! I just fell off my chair.

There are some interesting points into why the authorities are having a problem reading the history data in the /. thread.

And the original article.
Alternative browsers pose challenge for cybersleuths


Robin Laing

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