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Cups Broke

HP LaserJet4 connected via JetDirect
I connect to network via wireless.

Printing a postscript file via

lpr file.ps

like I've done many times before.

Job stoped partway through. Wireless router locked up. Turned it off for
15 minutes - turned it on, wireless router no longer locked up.

I could not print. When I've had printing problems before -

lets me clear the cue and restart the printer.
Not this time -

"The connection to has terminated unexpectedly. Some data
may have been transfered"

This is at the end of cups log:

E [02/Sep/2005:06:49:17 -0700] Bad request line "�g" from localhost!

Tried gnome-cups-monitor. It said it could not find printer. But I can
ping it.
Power cycled printer. Rebooted. Same results.

Added a new printer - same settings, test page prints fine.
Still can not connect via

Deleted old printer - STILL can not connect to cups through browser.
Restarted cups several times.

What the fudge happened to my cups and how do I fix it?
I was not doing didly as root when problem started, it started when
wireless router went booboo - something is wedged somewhere in cups that
isn't getting unwedged by cups restart, and its not the printer - I can
print to it now, I just can't connect to cups via browser.


I looked at cupsd man page, it doesn't seem to have a general flush
command or anything.
First problem like this I've had with cups since I bought this printer
over 2 years ago.

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