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Re: Configuring firewall for Azureus

Paul Smith wrote:

Dear All

I have followed the instructions given in the section "Azureus for
bittorrent" at


to configure the firewall in order to have Azureus running on my
computer. However, Azureus does not make connections after that
configuration procedure. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,


Not sure where your problem is, but did you check the output of "iptables -L" are ports 6881-6889 opened for tcp?
The only thing I did for iptables was to open the system settings-->security level and add 6881:tcp, 6881:udp to the Other ports box.
If the iptables are o.k. find a .torrent in Firefox. when you click on a link FF will ask what you want to do with the ".torrent" file use the "browse" box to make Firefox use the Azureus program hit the O.K. button. All should work fine, if not, write back and tell me what version of java you use, or start Azureus in the terminal and look for errors in the printout.


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