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Re: Gnome Pilot/Evolution crash

Rodolfo Alcázar wrote:

> Are you sure you've installed the packages? Did you reload gpilotd to
> the memory, restart the service? With the patched version, same error
> seems difficult to raise again...

I'm pretty sure.  yum update gives me nothing.  I'm using gnome-pilot
2.0.13-2.  When I make sure no gpilotd is running, then run gpilotd in
debug mode (--debug) with the gpilotd-control-applet and try to do that
inital sync it wants to do, gpilotd crashes with the usual "gpiltd has
crashed" dialog box after this:

gpilotd-Message: setting PILOTRATE=57600

The exit value is 1.

I'm not using the patched versions of anything as I understood you to
say that the patches were in the most recent versions.  Upon reflection,
I'm thinking you might have meant the most recent versions of Evo, but
I'll still need the patched version of gnome-pilot.


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