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Re: batch convert mp3 to ogg

Robert Bell wrote:
I'd like to walk through my mp3 directory and subdirectories and convert all my files to ogg and put them in a the same structure under a different directory. Is there something that does this? maybe someone could offer a script, I'm not as bash literate as some of you. Thanks !

In addition to my other post, I just came across this.

Disks are cheap -- take the FLAC!

There is an interesting comment about oggenc will only work with wav files.

From the man page.
"oggenc reads audio data in either raw, WAV, or AIFF format and encodes it into an Ogg Vorbis stream."

This would imply that to go from mp3 to ogg, you will have to convert the file to a wav, raw or AIFF. Then create the ogg file. Again, each process has the risk of creating more distortion.

There is a bash script on the provided link.

Robin Laing

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