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Re: batch convert mp3 to ogg

On 9/2/05, Robert Bell <robert thebellfamily com> wrote:
> >
> > http://freshmeat.net/projects/mp32ogg/
> > after a quick search on my friend, Google. :)
> I saw that too but its kind of old and it doesn't recurse. I suppose
> I'll just spend the time to re-rip. Grip is good for this or is there
> something better?

I wrote a perl script to do this that uses lame and oggdec.  It relies
on the music directory being in the format
artist/album/trackno-trackname and puts all the music into a flat
directory with names like artist-album-trackno-trackname, but it could
be modified to recreate the directory structure pretty easily.

I take no responsibility for anything this code does or doesn't do or
assumptions I made based on my setup/preference.  The code is fairly
crappy.  There's no documentation.  But it might set you on the path.

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