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Re: Configuring firewall for Azureus

>Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 09:42:41 -0700
>From: oldman <talbotscott cox net>
>Paul Smith wrote:
>>>Dear All
>>>I have followed the instructions given in the section "Azureus for
>>>bittorrent" at
>>>to configure the firewall in order to have Azureus running on my
>>>computer. However, Azureus does not make connections after that
>>>configuration procedure. Any advice?
>>>Thanks in advance,
>    All should work fine, if not, write back and tell me what version of 
>java you use, or start Azureus in the terminal and look for errors in 
>the printout.

Recent connection problems that I have had with Azureus had nothing to
do with the firewall and more to do with multiple version of java
installed on the same system.
Azureus should run and connect even incoming ports are blocked ... it
just won't run very quickly. If it is running on some old Java Runtime
Engines (JRE) it will start but then it will have a connection errors
when trying to connect to the tracker and the torrent won't start
properly. Other than that it seemed to be running fine.
My problem was resolved by noticing that there were multiple versions of
java installed and that the /usr/bin/java symlink was not pointing to
the new one and still pointing to the old one.
The main java stuff gets installed to a directory
/usr/java/<jre_version>/ (don't quote me on that though since I don't
have my system in front of my to check) and /usr/bin/java just points to
the java executable in that directly tree.
- Download the lastest JRE from Sun and install it.
- Uninstall all the old JRE
- Correct the link by removing the old /usr/bin/java and remaking using
the command "ln -s <location of the new java executable> /usr/bin/java"

Just giving you something else to try. I keep around the python
bittorrent client included in the yum repository just as a backup (see
instructions on that just before the instructions regarding Azureus on
that link you quoted). It is much simpler and less flexible but is
really quite good. Useful when you are trying to troubleshoot whether it
is your firewall that is causing you grief or java.


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