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Re: Feedback invited for Inspiron 6000 w/ ATI MOBILITYT RADEON® X300 64MB HyperMemoryT

Steffen Kluge wrote:
On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 10:46 -0500, Reshat Sabiq wrote:
But again, i'd
appreciate any feedback from actual users of X300 on laptops.

Ok, since you asked...

The proprietary ATI driver, as obtained from Livna, works for my laptop
(Fujitsu N3510, X300 64MB video RAM, 1280x800). 3D performance is much
better than expected (i.e. better than my desktop: Athlon 2600+ w/
Nvidia GeForce 5200) and TV out works as well. I haven't tried an
external VGA monitor yet.
The only thing I haven't gotten to work is ACPI resume, but the complete
lack of ACPI action scripts in FC4 has me a bit lost there anyway. I
fished a few scripts off the web but they all fail somewhere else. To be
fair, I haven't put much effort into it yet, since it's not high
priority for me. Anyway, this is the one thing I found not to work with
the ATI driver.
Do you mean suspend to memory or suspend to disk? The former doesn't work on most linux installs, as far as i know. The latter is becoming more and more widespread. I think you'd have more luck w/ the latter. Did resume work for you w/ a generic VESA driver? On my current laptop, i haven't even bothered to get software suspend to work yet: it required replacing FC kernel w/ a vanilla one.
Btw., are there any popular distros that ship w/ suspend2 or something like that?
Hope this helps,

I'm looking forward to my new laptop. I even read about a Control Panel in ATI driver. ;)


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