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Official hibernate/sleep package for FC4 ?


Are they any official packages for FC4 that provide hibernate/sleep support ? 
I have my own script which I run to suspend to memory, and until recently 
worked fine. It does things like remove problematic modules, shutdown 
networkmanager etc. and then restart/reinsert them when woken up. 

Unfortunately, things seem unstable with the last bunch of updates - sometimes 
the network fail to restart and once my keyboard was not working ! I have had 
to each time do a hard reset as well to shutdown which is unpleasant, so I 
was wondering if there were any packages in the FC4 repos which provide 
support for this, so I don't have to maintain my own scripts. I guess its 
hardware dependant - but something which covers the most usual gotchas would 
be nice if available.

cheers Chris

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