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Re: slow evince and remote X

George N. White III wrote:

On Sat, 3 Sep 2005, Les Mikesell wrote:

evince, and other postscript/pdf display programs are extremely slow
over remote X displays. This is on a 10M/bit switched network.

10M isn't much to work with. Would it be practical to run NX or even VNC on the remote side - or local apps that only need to access the file remotely?

I have used 10Mbit/s and can tell you that upgrading to a 100Mbit/s makes a big difference for some applications. Under normal conditions, however, it shouldn't be "extremely slow". Make sure your network is functioning properly. Some switches can't deliver the rated thruput for more than a few ports. Systems that seem to be working OK for low bandwidth applications but are slow for file transfers and more demanding applications may have defective ethernet cards or duplex mismatches. One misconfigured or ViSTA (Virises and worms, Spy-ware, Trojans, and Ad-ware) -infested system can bog down a network. I once encountered an ethernet card with visibly incinerated components that still passed all the vendor-supplied diagnostics but performed poorly on real data.

After trying to tackle a pre-ViSTA system that had "aurora", calling M$ to reactivate the OS, ViSTA sounds like a real treat. Your acronym sounds on target.

I'd love to help you -- it's just that the Boss won't let me near the computer.

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