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Re: Anaconda Graphic Install Problem

Robin wrote:

Hi All,

This is more of a note then a problem.. I have noticed this posted to
the list a few times (I searched the archives), but right before the
install begins in Graphics Mode after I give the go ahead that I have
the 4 required disks, I get an error that indicates that not enough
memory can be allocated and Anaconda Reboots the system.

As stated before the only solution is to do the install in Text mode
(which is proceeding as I write).  My suggestion is to improve the
memory management of Anaconda.

By the way I am using a Pentium 4 2.8GHz, w/ 96 MB of RAM.

   The release notes of every FC distro clearly states:

3.3. Memory Requirements

This section lists the memory required to install Fedora Core 4.

This list is for 32-bit x86 systems:


     Minimum for text-mode: 64MB


     Minimum for graphical: 192MB


     Recommended for graphical: 256MB


Just thought I would let you know.



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