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Re: [FC4] Thunderbird Inbox gone

Craig White wrote:

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 23:08 -0500, M. Lewis wrote:

T'bird version 1.0.6-1.1.fc4 (20050720)

I've read numerous other postings about mail disappearing. I've searched the FAQ as well as the forum at the Thunderbird help. I've tried all the steps outlined in the 'mail disappearing' topic on the T'bird forum. Still I have no Inbox.

The scenario:

Today I needed to reboot my machine to install a new kernel. T'bird was working fine. I had about 70 or so emails in my inbox. Last night I was working on cleaning the inbox up and moving messages out of there.

Rebooted machine. Brought up T'bird. Went to the inbox folder and it was empty. Shutdown T'bird, started it again. Inbox is still empty.

If I go to my profile/ImapMail/ I cannot find any files or directories called Inbox. It apparently somehow magically was completely deleted.

I've sent messages to myself from other accounts. I can not receive mail now. I suspect the reason is the inbox is gone.

If I click on another folder in T'bird (other than Inbox) then click on Inbox again, I see in the bottom left of the screen "Opening Folder..." but of course nothing happens.

I'm very suspicious of some issue with IMAP, though Dovecot seems to be running fine. I set T'bird to check mail every 1 minute. If I do 'tail -f /var/log/maillog | grep imap' I DO NOT see T'bird logging in every minute. I see it only when I start T'bird.

If I send new message to myself, I can see it in /var/spool/mailboxname.

1) Any clues as to why this happened?
2) Any clues how to recover the messages that were in the Inbox?
3) Any clues how to prevent this from happening again? I suspect the answer to this is have very small Inbox. As I stated earlier, I was working on that last night. Guess I didn't get to it quickly enough.

I posted this on the Thunderbird help forum and I did get some answers from one fellow. Unfortunately, he was a M$ user and just gave me the standard spiel about things I had already tried.

Thanks for any ideas about how to proceed.

most of the time people ask this question, they have 'filtering' turned
on which hides the mail in their inbox until they clear it. I can't give
the steps since I don't use Thunderbird but would guess that it involves
a 'search' or 'filter'


Another good place to look is the box that says view, just above your subject column and to the left of the filter box. Make sure that says "All" or just about anything but "has attachments" or "Last 5 days" etc.


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