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sharing printer with samba in FC4


I have three computer connected by DSL modem which
also act as router. 2 other machines are windows xp
home edition and I have just installed the FC4 in my
machine form which I want to share my HP DeskJet 3550
printer to two other machines. This is the first time
I am trying to share my printer in FC4. Printer is all
set up and printing good in my FC4. In the printing
configuration, I also checked the printer to be
shared. I have also checked the "Allow Samba to share
users home directory" in "System Setings > Security
Levels > SE Linux Tab > Samba". When I browse the
networ from XP I need to login using to see my shared
home directory and I can also see the printer there.
The problem starts here:

When I double click the printer icon, it asks me to
install the driver and also warns me about incorrect
driver in the linux machine, so I installed the driver
from the disk it came with printer. In the last part
of  installation ( when its time to show the printer
properties page), it terminates with error that
"printer is not accessible" but the printer is
installed and set as default. When I try to opne the
prnter properties, the properties dialog box is full
of garbase characters.

Well, I am stuked here.

Can anyone guide me on proper way to share the printer
from FC4 (Somehting like Printer Sharing for Dummies).
I tried to look on older REdhat book about print
sharing but it seems, its cahnged significantly.

Thanks in advance.

Deepak K. Shrestha

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