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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4

On Sun, 2005-09-04 at 11:06, Deepak Shrestha wrote:
> Hi,
> I have three computer connected by DSL modem which
> also act as router. 2 other machines are windows xp
> home edition and I have just installed the FC4 in my
> machine form which I want to share my HP DeskJet 3550
> printer to two other machines. This is the first time
> I am trying to share my printer in FC4. Printer is all
> set up and printing good in my FC4. In the printing
> configuration, I also checked the printer to be
> shared. I have also checked the "Allow Samba to share
> users home directory" in "System Setings > Security
> Levels > SE Linux Tab > Samba". When I browse the
> networ from XP I need to login using to see my shared
> home directory and I can also see the printer there.
> The problem starts here:
> When I double click the printer icon, it asks me to
> install the driver and also warns me about incorrect
> driver in the linux machine, so I installed the driver
> from the disk it came with printer. In the last part
> of  installation ( when its time to show the printer
> properties page), it terminates with error that
> "printer is not accessible" but the printer is
> installed and set as default. When I try to opne the
> prnter properties, the properties dialog box is full
> of garbase characters.
> Well, I am stuked here.
> Can anyone guide me on proper way to share the printer
> from FC4 (Somehting like Printer Sharing for Dummies).
> I tried to look on older REdhat book about print
> sharing but it seems, its cahnged significantly.
> Thanks in advance.

Recommend you setup the printer on the windows system to use lpr to
connect to the linux shared printer instead of windows.  This should be
an option under the windows printer setup tool.  

You also need to make sure you have allowed access to the printer
through the iptables firewall on the linux system.  If you are intent on
using samba to share this printer you will need to configure a samba
user on the linux system that uses the same password as you use on the
windows systems.  (hence my preference to use lpr for printer sharing). 

Also note that if the printer is connected to a windows system you can
enable lpr on the windows server so linux systems can use that printer
using lpr.  I have found that is more reliable and easier to setup than
using samba for sharing printers.

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