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Re: Searching for a pci graphic card under fc4

Klaasjan Brand wrote:
> What do you want to do with it? I don't think xorg supports any pci-only 3d 
> card.

You'd be surprised. At least until recently, most (stand-alone) consumer
graphics chips had PCI versions, and I understood that X supported them.

There are too many motherboards out there with nothing faster than PCI.
They usually have pretty slow on-board 3D graphics, so there is a fair
market for upgrade cards.

It's supposed to be pretty easy for a basically AGP design to support
PCI: AGP is essentially fast PCI with some extra memory access features.
There are other ways to handle those memory accesses (copying data to
the card and using it from there). AGP cards have to be able to do that
anyway, so there isn't that much for the designers to do.

(The most noticable exception was the Intel 740, if I remember
correctly. It was introduced shortly after AGP, and was designed to be
AGP only to make a point).


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