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Re: Internet Explorer 6 under Wine

Claude Jones wrote:
On Sun August 21 2005 10:39 pm, Mariano Draghi wrote:

Incidentally, I installed wine yesterday. I compiled from source the
last release (20050725) w/o problems (previous releases had issues with

I have a question regarding this. In the readme, it states that XFree86-devel is needed, but FC4 doesn't use XFree86 but xorg-x11, correct? Do you know if xorg-x11-devel is a suitable replacement for the XFree86-devel requirement? Is that what you did?

Yes, xorg is a replacement of XFree86. Just install xorg-x11-devel.

I followed the method described at Frank's Corner: http://frankscorner.org/index.php?p=ie6 which is tested on wine 20050725

On that page, he actually describes 3 methods: the sidenet utility, winetools (which I know you've stated above won't work), and a third way which he describes as a series of steps. Did you use sidenet or the series of steps he outlined?

I didn't try the sidenet method, because I was afraid it wouldn't work for the same reasons winetools doesn't work (both tools are similar).
I went directly with the series of steps.


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