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More bugs in newest update of KDE in FC3/FC4

So, I got no reply on my other email. Nobody uses KDE? Nobody of the developers give a shit? Here is it again, with some more bugs I have found.
Named 5 and forward..

Im sorry that I trused Fedora to update my computer but I really need to get KDE working again. I promise to put *kde* under Hold in apt.conf
and NEVER EVER upgrade any kde packges again before I upgrade this FC3
box to a newer FC or something else. That will happend when FC3 isnt updated with security updates anymore.

Or is it some other FC3 Repository that I have in my sources.list.d
that is responsible for this mess? Right now I have
dag.list dries.list freshrpms.list mirror-select.list newrpms.list os.list in sources.list.d. These are my kde versions right now:


It isnt named with some extension so I assume its from the offical Fedora team?

So if this isnt gonna be fixed, is it just to remove these rpms and install
the older again? Is it something that I need to think about? However, this doesnt fix exactly the same problem on my laptop that uses FC4.

## orginal text ##

I discovered it on my FC3 workstation. But my FC4 laptop got the same problem. KDE in FC3 was updated from 3.2.2 (something, not sure) to 3.4.2 recently.

4 bugs in that KDE version:

When I iconify emacs (and this problem only applys to emacs) so I just see the menubar... Then emacs and the X server will use 100% cpu until I kill it. This is CLEARLY a bug. And its very annoying. It worked before the update. If I iconify emacs so the window is completely removed from the desktop this problem doesnt happend.

Klipper sometimes gets in a loop and popups an action window for URLs, new window within some seconds all the time. Very annoying. You have to clear the history to get rid of the problem. It wasnt like this in the previous version of KDE.

It amazes me that KDE STILL has problems with fonts that are changing between the KDE sessions. It has been like this for like... 4 years.
Why is it so hard to solve? Now I use quite high and non-standard resolution (1792x1344) but a year ago I used only 1600x1200 and had the same problem then.

Especially the font named "General font" are changing. If I set it to 10
it will be 10... When I logout and login again it might be the same or it will get so small all of a sudden and I have to change it to 11... And when I logout and login again... Then its too big. So I have to change back to 10. Why is this never fixed?

But it can happend with other fonts also, but its more seldom. The taskbar
crasched today, it was automaticlly restarted. But guess what? It was restarted with a much smaller fontsize. If I change it now it probably will be wrong when I logout and in again.

Delete is gone, I have to press shift to see it when deleting something from konq. I dont use the trash basket in KDE. Best would be if it was possible if KDE could ask me to delete files when I select some and press the delete key and not ask me if I want to put it in trash. Is that possible?

## even more bugs ##

kedit cant open files thats begins with "[", it says "You have specified a folder".

Konq cant open dirs that begins with "[".

Turning off Enable actions in Klipper crashes in taskbar most of the times.
See bug 3.

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