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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4

--- "Scot L. Harris" <webid cfl rr com> wrote:

> Recommend you setup the printer on the windows
> system to use lpr to
> connect to the linux shared printer instead of
> windows.  This should be
> an option under the windows printer setup tool.  
> You also need to make sure you have allowed access
> to the printer
> through the iptables firewall on the linux system. 
> If you are intent on
> using samba to share this printer you will need to
> configure a samba
> user on the linux system that uses the same password
> as you use on the
> windows systems.  (hence my preference to use lpr
> for printer sharing). 
> Also note that if the printer is connected to a
> windows system you can
> enable lpr on the windows server so linux systems
> can use that printer
> using lpr.  I have found that is more reliable and
> easier to setup than
> using samba for sharing printers.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try first
(don't know what sort of problem will come up gain).


Deepak K. Shrestha

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