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Re: Searching for a pci graphic card under fc4

On 9/5/05, James Wilkinson <fedora westexe demon co uk> wrote:
> Klaasjan Brand wrote:
> > That depends on what you define as "recently". Last year's cards are not
> > available in PCI versions. The ATI cards until the Radeon 7500 and nvidia
> > until TNT2 are the last ones I've seen. For DRI support maybe the ATI card
> > will work. NVidia has dropped support for all pre-geforce cards in their
> > latest drivers.

I have to go with James here.  There are fairly modern cards available
in PCI versions.  No, current generation cards are not; those are only
PCI-E and AGP.  But there are a few last generation (at least nVidia)
PCI cards available.

> A quick check of a random supplier:
> http://www.dabs.com/uk/channels/components/graphicscards/productView.htm?quicklinx=3M6K
> ("Radeon 9250 128MB PCI VO": I can confirm this is traditional PCI.)
> http://www.dabs.com/uk/channels/components/graphicscards/productView.htm?quicklinx=2ZZY
> ("GeForce MX4000 64MB PCI DDR VO")
> Hope this helps,

Or even
("Geforce FX5700LE 128MB 64-bit DDR PCI")


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