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Re: batch convert mp3 to ogg

Robin Laing wrote:
> There is an interesting comment about oggenc will only work with wav files.
> From the man page.
> "oggenc reads audio data in either raw, WAV, or AIFF format and  encodes 
> it  into  an  Ogg  Vorbis stream."
> This would imply that to go from mp3 to ogg, you will have to convert 
> the file to a wav, raw or AIFF.  Then create the ogg file.  Again, each 
> process has the risk of creating more distortion.

Er: no.

Both FLAC and wav [1] are lossless compression formats. You can go from
one to the other to the raw data all day without losing anything[2] or
creating any distortion[3]. That's the point of FLAC: it stores
*everything* in a relatively small amount of disk-space.

You can also go from MP3 or ogg to wav without losing any more data.
(You lost some when you created the MP3 or ogg in the first place:
that's still gone, of course).

So (if you're using a fixed-width font...):
FLAC ------------> wav -----------> ogg
     no data loss       data loss

MP3 (some data   -----------------> wav ---------------> ogg
already lost)    no data loss here       more data loss

The data loss involved with going to ogg (or MP3) has to do with the
output format, not the input. 


[1] Well, I seem to remember coming across some MP3s stored in a WAV
format. Apart from them...

[2] Apart from (possibly) some metadata like the name of the artists...

[3] Assuming that your computer's reliable...

E-mail address: james | "I never really understood how there could be things
@westexe.demon.co.uk  | that would drive you insane just because you knew
                      | them until I ran into Windows."
                      |     -- Peter da Silva

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