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Re: Scanner Support

Chris Spencer wrote:

When I try to acquire an image with the GIMP, my scanner starts making a terrible buzzing/grinding noise and the GIMP only acquires static. The scanning head is unlocked, and I haven't had any problems with the scanner on Windows, so I'm confused as to why I'm experiencing this problem. I have a Canon Canoscan N676U flatbed scanner, which is listed at http://www.buzzard.me.uk/jonathan/scanners-usb.html as being supported by the Plustek Sane backend. My Sane version is 1.0.15 and I'm using all the default settings in Fedora Core 4.

Does this sound like a Sane/Plustek problem, or is my scanner somehow damaged? I just plugged the scanner into a Windows machine and was able to use it without any problems.

Any help is appreciated.

Chris Spencer

Your Canoscan N676U is supported by sane according to this site:

Have you tried the scanner with the linuxprogram kooka ?

I have a Canoscan LIDE 20 and is working perfectly with fc4 on my machine.
I plugged the scanner in my usb and used kooka to scan and that worked very well for me.
I didn't need to tweak any config for it to work, it worked direct after pluggin.
I have no problem with the backend plustek http://www.gjaeger.de/scanner/plustek/

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