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Software to test fixed system

Hello all,

I have a Compaq Server with a Raid 3200 Smart Array card and a few HDs. This computer has given me problems in the past as when the I/O activity was on a normal level it would reboot. It had FC3 and now FC4. I have replaced the smart array card and I needed to have this system tested before hauling it to the Data Center which is 55 miles away.

What I want is to test it at least for 24 with a high activity I/O application that would run uninterrupted for at least 24 hours.

So if it does not reboot then I know it is ok. Of course, the manufacturer's diagnostic utilities confirm that the system is OK. But I need to make sure.

In fact, in the past this was used as a MySQL server and it would reboot every time it crashed. This is a Compaq thing due to the Smart Array card. So if there is an app that would heavily run the MySQL server in a loop that would be great as well.

Any suggestions?



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