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Re: installing on USB hard disk

Antonio Montagnani wrote:
Jon Drukman said the following on 04/09/2005 19:42:

my system has several internal disks which are all formatted as NTFS. i have an external USB2 disk that i could use for fedora, if i can figure out how to boot it. my motherboard/bios is too old to boot directly off of a USB disk. can i use some sort of boot CD or bootmanager to start fedora from an external drive? how would i achieve this?

let me know, thanks.

have a look at  http://www.simonf.com/usb/


and let me know....
It works here

i followed the instructions on the pdf at the second link and the usb disk does not show up when booted from the grub cdrom image so i guess my bios is not going to cooperate, at least not for booting.

the weird thing though is if i boot the FC4 install DVD, it says "loading usb storage driver" and i see the external disk flash a few times like it's being accessed. however if i go to manual partition with disk druid, i don't see the drive. this leads me to think that maybe it could work if i knew how to tell the installer to look at that disk.


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