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Re: Print jobs not printing thru cups

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 05:20:26PM +0800, Michael Lai wrote:

> So, I renamed it back to LJ1300 and it worked again.  It seemed odd to 
> me since I didn't think the name of the printer would actually affect 
> the printing.  Still, I accepted this fact but now I discovered a new 
> problem with the printer.

That sounds like some sort of samba issue.

> I can print simple document from Notepad but when I try to print a 
> MSWord document with Japanese or Chinese text, my printer would hang.  
> On the LaserJet1300, there is a green and orange light.  Usually, only 
> the green light stays on which indicates everything is fine and is in 
> ready mode.  Orange light is reserved for printing errors like paper 
> jams.  When I tried to print a doc with chinese/japanese text in it, the 
> green light would flash (which indicates that the printer is processing 
> a print job) and then suddenly it turned orange and the doc would not print.

You could try the Pre-Render PostScript option, or try another driver
from the drop-down list.

> I don't know if this is due to the fact that I am using a test version 
> of hplib or if it is another setup problem with my printer.  If it is 
> former then should I instead use the hplip from SourceForge?  Will that 
> hplib support asian text?  Personally, I would prefer to use the rpm 
> package since I can just use up2date on it.  When will the production 
> rpm version of hplip come out?

The HPLIP RPM package set is the latest version of the software from
SourceForge.  It is in updates-testing because I'd like it to get more
testing before shipping it for all Fedora Core 4 users.  I'm hoping
that the Fedora Core 5 test releases will give it more thorough


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