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Re: almost perfect... but not quite? 2 issues i have with kde

Kahn Seidl wrote:

Ok... I like fedora core 3, because, I have used it for a little while now, and have everything tuned the way I want.

So... the last 2 issues that need to be resolved are ....

The screen saver in kde doesnt work. When i set it, and test it, it works. But, when I set it, the screen just goes blank when its supposed to start the screen saver. I have played with the permissions as seems to be the common problem with kde screen saver.

But, that no no avail has done me any good.

Then the next problem... Is the thumbnails of pictures in konquerer? I have this option set, but , it doesnt preview anything. anybody have any suggestions? these arent big deals or even know if this is appropriate for the list. But the only 2 things bugging me about linux ;)

thanks a lot, martin

Ther was a person who found out that xscreensavers needed to be added to their autostart. I believe this was when xscreensavers never started. For the problem related to only have blank screens, there are several possible problems. The first possibility is you do not have the extras for screensaver installed. You should have the following packages installed. Disregard the versiions, since I run development.

The next possible cause is with a setting in kde and its screensaver settings. There is an advanced setting feature that you need to check for gl and additional settings, KDE users might be able to help you with a description as to where the settings are checked active.

For the second issue, KDE users would know more about the settings.


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