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Re: kernel header not found on FC3 error while installing ethernet drive for Marvell Yukon Gigabit Card

Am Di, den 06.09.2005 schrieb Ankush Grover um 13:48:

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> Recently we purchased few new computers with 3.0 Ghz,915 Chipset with
> Sata Disk, Marvell Yukno 88E8050 PCI_EASF Gigabit Ethernet
> Controller.The FC3 did not recognize the Marvell Yukon Gigabit
> Ethernet Controller Card.So I downloaded the drivers for the card for
> its site.
> While installing the driver it gave error like this
> "Kernel header not found.Please install the linux header files
> development package or create a symbolic link from the
> /usr/src/Kernel_Version directory to Linux.
> I downloaded the kernel.src.rpm from the   "
> http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/3/i386/os/SRPMS/
> The kernel version is kernel-2.6.9-1.667.src.rpm

Why that rather old kernel? If you are able to download the driver
sources for Marvell you then should be able to update to the current FC3
kernel too.

> But whenever I try to install the driver for yukon ethernet controller ,it gives me the same error.Can anybody tell me the 
> which rpm or source.rpm to install.

> Ankush Grover

I wonder how often again we have to deal with this kind of question.

You do not need the full kernel sources. I guess the driver source
makefile does not look under /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/ for the
kernel includes. Instruct it to do so. If the drives sources indeed
require the complete kernel sources, then please read the release notes
on how to deal with the kernel src.rpm. The list archive is full of
further hints and comments about this.


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