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Re: Streaming MMS Server

bruce wrote:
then robin... wouldn't that cause you to hate your network admin, who's
decided to block the particular port(s) that mms uses... although if i
recall, mms uses tcp/udp/http depending on how the client/server has been

so, this might be something you need to discuss with your admin if you
haven't already. and if you have, what was the result of the conversation.


It is a combination of things Large corp with security in mind. I cannot access wmv files via mms from any site that uses any port other than 80 which is a fallback and both mplayer and xine try it.

This is a head office decision and it is on the other side of the country. Local admin is the one that basically states it will be a waste of time. It was where the lottery comment came from. Streaming media is not needed and allowed and thus blocked.

The support staff for the the one site were very supportive but their admins removed the ability to download the files via normal http/ftp requests and in trying to help me, they found this out.

Robin Laing

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