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automount with nis

Hi there,

I try to use automount together with NIS with no
I have auto.master configured like

/mydisk        /etc/auto.local
/home          /etc/auto.home

auto.local looks like this

mydisk   -rw,soft,intr   server.mydomain:/mydisk      
auto.home looks like

user1   server.mydomain:/home/&

autofs status shows that they are activated mount

when I try to logon a nis klient it compalins that the
home-directry is missing.

Do I need to do anything more on klient side or ...?

I have configured NIS for automount in Makefile like

all:  passwd group hosts rpc services netid protocols
         networks shadow printcap \
         # netgrp shadow publickey networks ethers
bootparams printcap \
         amd.home auto.master auto.home auto.local
passwd.adjunct \
         timezone locale netmasks




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