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Troubles with PHP and sendmail

I have been asked to fix a mailform on a RHEL server.
Yah I know this is the Fedora list, but the customer 
claims Redhat has yet to respond to him on the issue, 
and I don't subscribe to any RHEL lists.

I thought I saw a problem like this discussed in this 
list but was unable to find any answers Googleing.

I was able fix most of the PHP/sendmail issues by 
configuring the applications that support using 
an SMTP server rather than using sendmail. The 
applications that use the mail() function are still 
causing me problems.

SELinux is a real beast and I haven't figured out how 
to adjust policies/contexts or what ever needs to be 
adjusted. I haven't had time to read the documentation 
on SELinux, and had hoped I wouldn't have to.

Is there a cookie cutter fix to allow the PHP mail()
function to work?

Please, anything but RTFM, would help.

Thank you in advance.


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