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Re: laptop power management help - Centrino M

Kirk Glasgow wrote:

 I have an HP Pavilion ze4906 laptop. 768MB ram, Intel Celeron M
 1.4GHZ. Hope that helps.

I have an HP ze4315 that has an Athlon processor. These processors use powernow K7.
I believe the Intel processors use some other power management scheme. You might try investigating what scheme the Intel Celeron uses and if it is similar to what the Pentium processors use. Speedstep sounds familiar, but I am probably way off base w/ the "sounds familiar".

Hopefuly someone familiar with Centrino processors can relay the needed components for your processor type.


--- Joel Jaeggli <joelja darkwing uoregon edu> wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Kirk Glasgow wrote:
>> I hope someone could tell how to setup powermanagement
>> on my laptop that will work like a mac laptop or windows laptop.
>> I run for desktop XFCE, my kernel is 2.6.13-1.1530 development
>> kernel and of course FC4.
> Yeah but what's your laptop?

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