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Re: System backup utillity

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On 6 Sep 2005 at 20:55, Igor Guarisma wrote:

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Subject:        	System backup utillity
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> Hi!
> Is there any software like Window's Norton Ghost for
> Linux?? or a way to make a backup image of a system
> disk to be restore later on another machine or the
> same machine in case of failure??

You should look at G4L or G4U. 

G4L is Ghost for Linux that uses Linux boot CD and script with 
dialog menu system that uses dd plus gzip or lzop or bzip and ncftp 
to create images on an ftp server.

G4U does the same, but use netbsd and uses dd plus gzip and ftp, 
but is just a command line program, but can boot from diskettes. 

With both programs, you should clear out unused sectors before 
doing the image, since dd copies all sectors used or unused. 
Sectors filled with nulls, will compress much better. G4L includes 
programs to help blank out these sectors. 




Suggest you read the sites.

> Thanx in advanced...
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