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Re: Is there clear steps to perform a upgrade from Fedora core 3 to 4 ?

On Tue September 6 2005 9:04 am, Wong Kwok-hon wrote:
> Hello!
> I saw there is two articles about upgrade the Fedora Core 3 to 4.
> Would is has any clear steps to follows because I already have lots of
> file in FC3.

Well, Wong, no one has responded so I'll make a couple of suggestions. It's 
generally a trouble-free upgrade. BUT, a number of people did have problems 
during the last round. I've upgraded several machines and with one 
installation, things got so strange, I just gave up and did a fresh install. 
I can't provide details now, because that was some time ago, but at the time, 
there were a number of people reporting problems. Since the box in question 
was in the category of a test machine, and didn't have any critical files on 
it, I just backed up my home directory and /etc and wiped it clean. Two other 
machines upgraded without issue. So, if your system is critical, I would 
suggest you either make an image of the drive, or back up all critical data - 
I prefer making a drive image personally, because I can just restore exactly 
where I was before the upgrade - your call.

Insert the FC4 disk, reboot, and it will offer you the option of upgrading. 
That's all there is to it - it generally just works. Keep one thing in mind, 
any new non FC3 capabilities included in FC4 will not be installed with an 
upgrade - the upgrade detects your system configuration, and updates it - 
that's it. You'll then have to research the new capabilities in FC4 and 
decide which ones you want, and install them yourself. 

You might want to take a look at the list archives around the time that FC4 
was released and read up on some of the issues people had, and see if 
anything there looks like it might pertain to your configuration. 
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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