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Re: different SSH/keychain behavior on Fedora Core 4?

just another piece of data regarding my earlier post (below) -- i found that when I issue a command like "konsole -e ssh some.where.com" from a konsole window, then the newly generated konsole window which is logged-in to the remote shell opens just fine (i.e., without passphrase prompting)... but when I define a new KDE panel button (as described below) with this 'konsole' command, I am again greeted with the passphrase request...
so somehow this new FC4 behavior (wrt FC3) seems to be depend upon the newer KDE/SSH/etc packages standard in FC4?..

=== Cameron Mura wrote (on 09/06/2005 06:31 PM): ===


I'm wondering if anyone's seen different SSH and keychain behavior on Fedora Core 4 versus its predecessors (FC3, in particular) ? ("keychain" is the Gentoo ssh-agent wrapper... allows a user to make a single passphrase entry per machine reboot, not per login.)

The reason I'm asking is that I used to be able to set-up keychain and have it run smoothly (i.e., password-less and passphrase-less logins) from my FC3 machine at home to various boxes at work (running CentOS, FC3, RH9, etc.)... To streamline things, I have buttons configured on the KDE console bar of my home desktop such that they're mapped to commands like "ssh -Y -l me where.ever.com <http://where.ever.com>" ("Run in terminal" option checked, of course)... so I would basically have 1-click solutions to drop me into shells on various work machines. But since upgrading the home machine to FC4 this trick no longer works and the terminal which is opened up on the remote machine still asks me for the passphrase for the local RSA private key... interestingly, I'm not prompted for a passphrase if I manually "ssh -Y -l me where.ever.com <http://where.ever.com>" from a terminal on my home machine to the remote work machine...

I realize that this may be more of an SSH question than an actual Fedora issue, but still I'm wondering if anyone's seen any similar behavior, are aware of any changes in default SSH behavior/configuration between FC3 and FC4, or otherwise have any clue about this behavior?

Thanks for any advice!,

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